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Akhila Priya Heart-Touching Speech in Assembly

Akhila Priya Heart-Touching Speech in Assembly

Allagadda MLA Akhila Priya’s heart-touching speech during the Condolence Motion of his father Bhuma Nagireddy is certainly going to move everyone. Akhila Priya: ‘Ours is a new Assembly. I have been waiting for an opportunity to talk about People’s issues here. Unfortunately, I’m speaking for the first time here about My Father…Never thought something like this would happen!’.

‘Since childhood, My Father has faced many setbacks. He lost his Father at a very young age. Three of his Elder Brothers died in a span of four years. When Family Members asked him to divide the assets, My Father told them to take all of the assets but he himself would look after his Brother’s Children. He treated his Brothers Children & Us equally. Even Today, All of them will be in our house if there is a small problem’.

‘I didn’t have any fear even after the death of My Mother as My Father was with Me then. When I came to to the Assembly for the first time, He introduced me to all the members in the House. My Father was unable to recover after the death of My Mother. He won’t sleep without lighting the diya in front of my mom’s photo. It took a toll on his health. He was in the hospital itself for the last one week. While discharging, Doctors asked him to avoid travelling but he still went to Vijayawada for meeting CM. I believe, He conveyed his last wish to CM that way. I feel proud to be the Daughter of such a committed person. No body has asked me to come to the Assembly Today. But, I am determined to be here as even my parents would have done the same. I have decided not to cry thinking about the loss. Only when I fulfill my father’s last wish, I would cry wholeheartedly’.

Not an Orphan: ‘When a media person said I had become an orphan now, I told him that countless people came after my Parents death, several leaders have spoken with me, Lokesh remained in Nandhyala for two days and CM was there with us from morning to evening. I am not an orphan. May be, I am a small girl but I assure people that all the promises given by parents would be fulfilled’.

YSR Congress boycotting Condolence Motion: ‘I expected, Someone from Opposition would speak about My Father Today. Even people expected the same. When Jagan was in Jail, My Mother used to spend most of her time for YSRC and she used to cry holding us for not spending enough time with us. Our Parents worked with so much commitment when we were in YCP. I could have understood if YCP hasn’t come because of differences with Government. It’s painful to know that they haven’t come to avoid talking about My Father. Is this the kind of respect they give us?

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