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Pawan Kalyan reveals Janasena future plan

Pawan Kalyan reveals Janasena future plan

On the occasion of Jana Sena Party’s Third Anniversary, Pawan Kalyan interacted with media persons on Tuesday. Pre-Poll Alliance: ‘We will think about it once we complete the process of party formation. Our main motive is fight for people’s issues. Actually, Jana Sena was floated because none of the existing party have reflected the mood of the people. Instead, They tried to get benefitted from the situation. Whether we come to power or not, Our Party will always be there for the People’.

The highlights of his speech are:

I thanked each and every member who supported Jana Sena Party. Jana Sena party will contest 2019  general elections from both  Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 60% of the tickets will be allotted for youth. I will represent from Anantapur during the upcoming Assembly elections. I  have rectified all the issues and problems that i noticed when i worked for Prajarajyam and Chiranjeevi will not join Janasena. I am trying to establish  youth and ideals based political party and need a huge active participation from the youth in each and every activity. Jana Sena will be active  from June. Out activists are currently preparing the plans. We establish Jana Sena party with the noble cause. Jana Sena is people’s party and partial towards people and their sufferings. Defeat or win in elections won’t stop us.

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