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Sanjana Originial Pic From Nude Jail Video

The past two days have seen actress Sanjjanaa in the news due to a leaked deleted scene that has people speculating about whether she shot for it in the nude. The actress, who was upset and agitated over the issue, spoke to us saying, “Yes. I shot for it, but I was not nude. I have pictures that show my body parts covered up with a towel that were clicked in my caravan. What is eventually seen in the film is the result of computer colour grading, which was made to show the scene in that fashion. She said she was upset by the way her image was projected and requested the media to stop such allegations just for the sake of publicity.

sanjana real pic from leaked scene


The  actress has given clarity  that the picture leaked on the Internet were morphed and she hadn’t acted unclothed for the film. She tweeted, “I will not shoot 100 percent nude even if it is a James Bond film, coming in from strong Indian culture I keep in mind my limitation”. She has also shared her original pictures from shooting spot while canning the jail episode. The film’s director, Srinivasa Raju, when contacted, told us that he is also shocked about how the scene is out and that his team is trying to trace the source. When quizzed about the content in the scene and on showcasing Sanjjanaa like that, all he said was, “I’ve no comments on that. It is a deleted scene. We will talk once we make headway in the matter.”

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